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Strawberry Letter: Is She Just A Friend?

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I have been married to my husband for 10 years, we have been together or 17 years and we have three beautiful children together. Recently, he has a friend that is a girl who he has never had before. I just can’t shake the feeling that she is more than just a friend. We have had several arguments about this girl from me finding her debit card in his pocket to I recently went through his phone and found NUMEROUS text messages.

The last few of which he asked her to be his Valentine but the last text disturbed me. It stated that he has always had the hots for her and he wishes he could be with her permanently but he sent this text to her right after we had sex. I am distraught. I have confronted him about it and he states that she is just a friend, but I know better. I want to walk away but right now I am currently unemployed and have nowhere to go. I have asked him to leave the house several times but he refuses to go. I am not saying I am innocent; I have a past of cheating but it was during a time of separation which was his idea.

I want to end this but how? Please help.

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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