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Strawberry Letter: Daughter In Love With Deadbeat Fellow

Good Morning crew,

I thought I would never write to the show because it can get really embarrassing with some of the responses that are given by you are honest responses, but embarrassing. I’m writing about a situation that my daughter is in and hopefully she is listening. She loves your show so maybe your response will help her and in the meantime, help someone else daughter. My daughter is 30 and in a so-called relationship with this fellow. I call him a fellow because he is NOT a man. Men don’t do the things he does. This fellow has three children already by two different women. Now he has two women pregnant, one of which is my daughter. This fellow is unemployed, so he can’t help support ANYONE!!!! He is over 30 years old and still walking around with plaits, not braids, on his head, looking like some creature from the Blue Lagoon. At times, you can run into him in the store or somewhere away from home with bedroom slippers on. Slippers were made for the house!!! He doesn’t care what he looks like, so if he doesn’t love himself, how can he love anyone else? He treats her like nothing. Whenever they are together, they argue constantly. By the way, he does not come around me or my family because he knows the deal. He nor his foolishness is welcome!!! She’s always stressed out over him and crying. I’ve talked to her until I’m just spent. Family members have talked to her, but to no avail. I’ve told her that this fellow isn’t worth her tears. She wants so badly to be in a relationship with someone who she accepts whatever trash blows her way.


One frustrated mother

Listen to Shirley, Tommy and guest host/comedian Earthquake respond to this letter below:


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