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Strawberry Letter: Player For Life

Dear Steve Harvey Morning Show,

I’m going to get right to the point, I’m married to a wanna be player, but he doesn’t know how. I’ve caught him on so many occasions that I’ve lost count, but this one here is the one I want to address and you all can give HIM the advice. We’ve been together over 10 years, we have no children together but he did what?: Committed adultery, and has a child that’s 2 years old. I’m not gonna lie, it hurt like hell. I left but went back (dumb me) for the sake of our vows (that he broke). However, he is still fooling around with his baby momma. I mean come on now, you cried & begged me to forgive you, that you want your marriage and I did, but he’s still fooling around with her? I’ve caught them together and his reply was “I’m sorry”. He sits on the phone with her and when I ask if there’s a problem his reply is “no, just checking on the baby”. He pays child support and all so what is there to discuss? We don’t really get to see him and I’m sure that’s because he goes to see her when I’m not around. I’m really fed up with them both and I guess it’s time to walk away because if I can’t be his #1 I’ll be darned if I’m going to be his #2 (again).

Listen to the response from The Steve Harvey Morning Show below:


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