Radio One and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital recently hosted the 14th annual Urban Radio Cares for St. Jude Kids event that united celebrities, radio personalities and a community of Mainstream Urban, R&B and Gospel music fans across the country from March 2-3 to raise $1.3 million for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital®.

There’s no doubt that you should always seek out your medical professional if you are feeling ill. Our health is something we should all take very serious especially in times like these. In additional to being well physically, you should also protect your MIND from doubt and negative thoughts because stress can have an adverse […]

Do you ever feel like you’re SURROUNDED by people whose fitness goals aren’t aligned with yours? You’re not the only one. A weight loss journey is already challenging in itself but having unhealthy people in your circle makes it even harder. If you find yourself in this situation, check out THESE helpful tips on staying […]

From switching up your treadmill routine to adding resistance training, there are a wide range of things you can do to give your a metabolism a boost. Read more HERE.

Not only does food provide us with energy, certain nutrients are essential for healthy bones and joint support. In fact, eating the right mix of foods can improve your health from the INSIDE out…read more about foods for joint support and healthy bones HERE.

If you’re feeling “backed up” and want to get things flowing again, check out these Superfoods that help digestion Sauerkraut: contains beneficial bacteria that promotes better digestion. Beans: a great source of fiber that also keeps your digestive system “humming.” Ginger: not only a digestive aid, it is also a traditional Asian remedy for tummy […]

In this edition of Wellness Wednesdays, Maria More details the importance of short-term goals and how to apply them to your fitness journey to achieve your long-term goals. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

In this edition of Wellness Wednesdays, Maria More gives a few tips on how to get back on track after stepping outside of your healthy diet. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

In this edition of Wellness Wednesdays, Maria More explains the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Sometimes you can actually gain weight while on a weight loss program. Press play to figure out why. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!

MOST of us have been there. At one moment, you’re doing great and super focused on your fitness goals, then the next moment, you’re eating cheesecake and downing a bunch of soda. When you fall off track, the important thing is to GET UP! Here are 5 things you can do to regain control of […]

A strong immune system is the foundation for how you feel and how effective your workouts will be. Maintaining your overall health is key to having a successful fitness journey. Check out these easy ways to boost your immune system.

When should you replace your makeup? Check out this list for a general rule of thumb.