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There’s no doubt that you should always seek out your medical professional if you are feeling ill. Our health is something we should all take very serious especially in times like these. In additional to being well physically, you should also protect your MIND from doubt and negative thoughts because stress can have an adverse effect on your immune system. Yes! Worrying can actually reduce your body’s ability to fight off disease.

Here’s the GOOD news, practicing positive thinking and using your WORDS can help shift your worries. Try it out by repeating the following health affirmations throughout your day!

  1. I feel healthier every day.

  2. My body is amazing.

  3. I am strong.

  4. Strength and resilience reside within me.

  5. I am filled with energy.

  6. I am a magnet for health.

  7. I trust my body.

  8. I choose health, happiness and love for myself and others.

  9. All of my cells know what to do.

  10. Today, I will not stress over what I cannot control.