The leading chief medical doctor for the White House and face of the medical community for the United States has been one person, Dr. Anthony Fauci. From the AIDS/HIV epidemic to COVID-19’s global pandemic, Dr. Fauci has been a trusted source of not only information but medical advisory for the country. Before he retires from […]

The mask mandates are expiring, the COVID numbers have started to drop, tests are available to be sent home for free, but what does all this mean in the midst of the pandemic? Ryan Cameron got to speak with the “top of the food chain” in Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Chief Medical Advisor to the […]

One conversation that Sam Sirmons continues to run into is one that will continue to evolve due to information, personal feelings, and unfortunately, politics. But, he wants to just give you an expert that can talk to the truth of the matter and not prey on fears that have been heightened. This is an interview […]

The legendary singer/songwriter, Maxwell, celebrates his 25th anniversary album, “Urban Hang Suite” with a very good friend in Ryan Cameron. They both discuss what the album meant at that time, how it’s inspired the next generation of R&B. In this interview, they discuss: The COVID-19 pandemic Why he wasn’t available to do the Verzuz with […]

On February 3rd, the teachers and administrators reported back to their respective schools in the DeKalb County School systems. And, DeKalb County is one of the few school corporations that have kept their students completely virtual since the pandemic started. The hope is to reintroduce students back into in person learning this year, but many […]

There are many opinions that can be had about the state re-opening on Friday, but one thing that is a result of the Governor’s actions is that he said testing for COVID-19 would be better accessible. As of April 23rd, 4 new testing sites are available. Those sites are: Greenbriar Mall (2841 Greenbriar Pkwy SW, […]

The COVID-19 crisis has affected us in ways that we never thought imagined. We’ve learned what exactly an “essential business” is defined as, but we’ve not had to worry about reduction in public transportation in metro Atlanta with MARTA. That changed today. According to MARTA, effective Monday, April 20, it is suspending all but 41 […]

There’s no doubt that MENTAL health is just as important as your physical well being. Protecting our minds from negativity and doubt is something we should all practice every day. Here are four of my personal tips to protect your mental health during this COVID-19 quarantine: Health Affirmations – Words have power. The more you […]

Like the rest of the world, Atlanta is doing all it can to battle the spread of COVID-19. The city’s mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms spoke with Majic 107.5/97.5’s Ryan Cameron about why she enacted more drastic stay at home measures for Atlanta than what governor Brian Kemp enacted for the state of Georgia. She also […]

As of 9:51 PM on the Mayor’s social media account, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has stayed that she will put the city of Atlanta on a Stay-At-Home order for the next two weeks to combat the spread of the coronavirus. See the Mayor’s tweet below: Thank you @BrianKempGA for the updated state guidelines. Based upon […]

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms has ordered the city to close all gathering establishments in Atlanta due to concerns of the spread of the coronavirus. This has left many folks confused not realyl knowing if they would be able to head to the grocery store to stock up on needed essentials while everything is closed. Good […]

There’s no doubt that you should always seek out your medical professional if you are feeling ill. Our health is something we should all take very serious especially in times like these. In additional to being well physically, you should also protect your MIND from doubt and negative thoughts because stress can have an adverse […]