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One conversation that Sam Sirmons continues to run into is one that will continue to evolve due to information, personal feelings, and unfortunately, politics. But, he wants to just give you an expert that can talk to the truth of the matter and not prey on fears that have been heightened. This is an interview that is a real conversation to the pandemic, vaccinations for younger children.

Sam has encountered several different opinions and views of parents that are both pro-vax & anti-vax. And, instead of persuading anyone, he wants to get experts to share information that is not just a strong opinion from a media personality, but a viable and credible source. Dr. Vivek Murthy is the 19th & 21st Surgeon General, serving under the Obama Administration before returning as the Biden Administration’s highest ranking doctor. In this interview, Sam was able to ask D. Murthy about the CDC’s approval of the vaccine for children as well as his own conversation he’s had to have with his own children about the vaccine.

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