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African American woman exercising in park

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Just when you thought you ran out of home exercise ideas, here’s a few more you may not have thought of yet. Check out these fun ways to stay fit during quarantine:

  1. Try a new virtual fitness class: From yoga to kickboxing, cycle to step aerobics, there are so many free resources on YouTube and even LIVE virtual classes that you can take to mix things up.
  2. Get active with your kids: Homeschooling your kids? Find ways to get active WITH them. Create home “recess” activities, an indoor obstacle course, play an interactive dance game or even use your kids as “weight” to make your workouts more challenging!
  3. Get lost in a home improvement project: Whether it is rearranging furniture, purging old clothes, building a new book shelf for your office, or anything in between, you can get lean while you clean and torch major calories by checking off your home improvement “to-do” list.