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Being on a restricted, low calorie can be a drag. It can also cause you to lose your motivation and drain your energy. Fortunately, there’s a rising new approach to fat loss that allows for more flexible dieting while still maximizing fat loss, it’s called CARB CYCLING!

The idea behind carb cycling is that you ONLY eat carbs based on how active you will be on any given day. For example, on days that you have high intensity workouts, you’ll eat more carbs, but on rest days, you’ll lower your carb intake. Carb cycling is a great way to ensure you have the energy you need to get through your training sessions while teaching your body to continue to burn fat even on your rest days.

Bodybuilding.com offers these great tips for Carb Cycling:

  1. High Carb Days Should Be Placed On Your Heavy Training Days.
  2. Expect To Experience Some Water Weight Gain.
  3. Choose Carbohydrates Highest In Glucose Or Complex Carbs.
  4. Decrease Fat Intake On High Carbohydrate Days.
  5. Maintain Your Target Weekly Calorie Level For Fat Loss.

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