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From personal experience, I know the negative effects of having too much salt and sugar in your diet. Both salt and sugar absorb extra water causing you to retain water weight and appear bloated. Although sugar and salt don’t have to be completely omitted from your diet in order to lose weight, you should still do your best to watch your intake so that you don’t pack on unwanted pounds. Here are several ways to gradually cut sugar and salt from your diet without sacrificial the tastes you love:

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1) Wash Away Salt: Rinsing canned vegetables under cool running water reduces their sodium content by about 40 percent,

2) Mix and Match for the Perfect Sauce: Along with your regular spaghetti sauce, buy a low-salt variety. Mix them together, then gradually phase out the saltier one.

3) Naturally Sweeten Your Breakfast: Add cinnamon and dried berries or apricots to your breakfast cereal.