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Strawberry Letter: My Husband Keeps Hurting Me And I Can’t Help But Stay

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I love my husband, I really do. But every time he’s in a bad mood he seems to take it out on me. I have a kitchen fork scar on my left leg and I’m tired of making excuses for his faults. He’s the first and only man I love. I can’t seem to let go. I really need help and guidance. What should I do? He feels its time to have kids but I’m scared that he might beat them as well. My mother in law says he’s no good but I love him so I can’t listen to her. I have no one to turn to but him, my parents hate him and are so disappointed in me for marrying such a so-called “no future loser”. I disagree. He just needs patience, and I’m the only one providing that to him. I’m not sure what to do, please help me, I want to know if having a family with him is the right thing to do.

Listen to Shirley and Steve comment on this letter below:


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