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Strawberry Letter: Fifty & Foolish Stuck In A Triangle

Good Morning Steve and Shirley,

I am in my early fifties, been married once and in a long-term relationship with one woman and a three-year relationship with another. The first woman I believed was the one, she was my childhood sweetheart and we reconnected 8 years ago. As time went on I discovered why we broke up the first time and realized that she hasn’t changed a bit, just had me fooled for a moment.

Then the second woman, whom I hadn’t seen in 20 years popped back up into my life 3 years ago. This woman treated me then and now the way a man wants to be treated, with love and respect. And the other one is selfish and disrespectful at times. The second one walked out of my life back then and I feel that if she had stayed we would have been married and still married, the first one, I would never marry. Can a man be in love with two women? The second one is everything a man would want, she cooks, keeps a clean house, professional when needs to be, a church girl and a freak in the bedroom and very romantic. The first one is old fashion, not romantic at all, but fun to be with at times. We have no children together so I don’t know why I stay with her. Don’t know for sure if I’m still caught up in her being my first love or what.

I don’t know how much longer the second woman is going to hang in there while I tried to make a decision on what to do but I do love the second woman. It’s just that she seems too good to be true even though she is still the same person in every way she was 20 years ago with bonuses sexually. The second one is a runner, when things don’t go her way or the going gets tough its easy for her to pack and leave and that’s one of my dilemmas with her. What is a man to do? Do I just leave things as they are until I have had enough with the first woman or is it time for me to make a choice? I can’t image not having the second one in my life.

Please give me your honest advice.

Thank you,

Fifty and Foolish, stuck in a triangle

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