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Strawberry Letter: Changing My Son’s Last Name

Hi Shirley and Steve,

I am writing this letter in regards to my son, who will be ten years old July 13th and I also have a twelve-year-old. I am a single mom and my kids have different fathers. My oldest son’s father was killed unfortunately and he has both of our last names. My youngest son only has his father’s last name. Now my youngest son hardly ever sees his dad. I can probably count the times he has spent time with him. He does pay child support and has our son on his health insurance, which is fine but he does nothing else.

In the past, I brought up changing his last name and I remember him telling me “well take me off child support.” At the time I did need the support for my son and still do but as I am getting older and realizing my mistakes, I am starting to think things over and not care about the support. I also have to make it clear that I have no intentions of being with his father, EVER! Its been over for 8 years now and I do not like for people to refer me by my youngest son’s and his dad’s last name because were not married. I want my son to have my last name.

So, will I be wrong to change it? I also talked with my kids and my son understands our situation. He also wants to have my last name and I did not say or do anything for him to make that decision.

Listen to Steve Harvey and Shirley Strawberry comment on this letter below:


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