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Strawberry Letter: Uncertain

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I’ve been dating this guy off and on since 2005 and since then I’ve gotten married twice. Any who, he and I started dating on a serious note as of August last year. I moved in with him in December, left in January, and moved back to Texas. He was very upset about it but even through that, we ended up back together. So, I moved back in with him and we got engaged. Well at least I thought we did because every time he introduces me to one of his family members he says girlfriend. Lately he has been doing a lot of things that has caused me to wonder.

One day when I came from my mom’s house which is thirty minutes away, he had a menu from this Mexican restaurant but there were no containers anywhere in the house. He said he emptied the trash, so that’s what happened to the containers. Ok then three days later I was supposed to go to work at two, but ended up going at five. I didn’t tell him about the change. He texted me at 12:30 and asked if I was still going to work and if my sister was keeping the kids. Now mind you he told me the night before he was working over time. That’s why my sister was keeping the kids. So I said yes because again he was working over time and I still had to go in at five. So about 2:30 comes and who shows up. His excuse was that he changed his mind and wanted to get some things together to surprise me because he ended up passing his certification.

When I got home there was no surprise. Then we had a fight and about a week ago when I came home from work that night I took a bath got in the bed and attempted to have made up sex like we usually do. But he snatched away and rolled over on his stomach so I couldn’t touch him. So I sent him a message on his phone cause I had to go to work that morning and he wouldn’t talk to me. I needed to make sure he knew how I felt. But his phone didn’t ring. So I called it and it still didn’t ring. So I picked it up and it was in airplane mode. So I woke him up. His excuse was he was mad at me and didn’t want to talk to me so he put his phone in airplane mode. Now sister texted him at 9:30 and he responded to her text at 9:50. I got off work at 10:30, nothing seem to be adding up.

He used to buy me things all the time. Now he trips if he has to go to the store for tissue and soap. Things he has to wipe his own a** with. Can you please tell me whats going on?????

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