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Having a weekly “cheat meal” is a helpful way to satisfy cravings and give yourself a mental break from being on a restrictive diet. IF you strategically plan your cheats, you’ll be able to maintain your progress. Here’s a few ways to “cheat” smarter:

  1. Pick a meal that will let you indulge without going overboard, like dinner. It is tempting to “starve” yourself in anticipation for that big cheat meal you plan to enjoy, but this is a bad strategy. Waiting too long to eat could backfire and cause you to binge on your cheat meal. Instead, continue to eat as you normally would throughout the day and have your pleasure meal for dinner. Try to eat just enough to satisfy your craving without going overboard.
  2. Choose your setting wisely. Instead of eating a greasy slice of pizza while you’re driving, plan to have your meal in a setting where you can really enjoy it. A social atmosphere with friends or a restaurant with your family will help you sustain the pleasure of eating the meal.
  3. Drink 16 ounces of water before your cheat meal. This is something that you should already be doing with all of your meals. Consuming water before meals will make you feel “full” and can help prevent you from over doing it when you eat your cheat meal.

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