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So, you’re motivated to get in shape but you feel overwhelmed about how to get started. No worries, you’re among MANY people who have this dilemma. Here are some important tips that every fitness beginner should consider:

  1. Calculate your recommended calorie intake. Everyone is different and we all have a wide range of nutrition needs. What’s important is that you establish what works for YOU. You can use the BMR Calculator and the Macro nutrient Calculator to start building your personal nutrition plan.
  2. Make fitness a habit. There’s a quote that says “we are what we repeatedly do.” If you make working out a part of your daily routine, it won’t feel like a “burden.” Whether you go on daily power walks with your co-workers or take weekly group fitness classes, make sure your workouts become a part of your daily routine.
  3. Start Slow. Don’t get caught up comparing yourself to the gym “regulars.” Instead, pace yourself and work your way up as you feel comfortable. Remember, you should leave your workout feeling challenged not “defeated.”
  4. Track your progress. Results are very inspiring and will help you stay motivated to keep going. While the scale is a good measure of progress, there are also “non scale victories” that you should keep track of. For example, one week you may only be able to curl 10 pounds, 2 weeks later you’re pumping 15 pounds, THAT’s growth and you should be proud of that!
  5. Remember to rest. Rest and recovery are very important, especially if you are trying to build muscle. Make sure that you take a day or two off between workouts so that your body can heal. This will also help you maintain your energy to get through workouts as they get tougher.

Here are MORE workout tips for beginners that can help you get a jump start on your goals.

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