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Working out is fun with one but RAD with two. So whether you sweat with your boo or your bestie, may these exercises raise your heart rate like no other. Doubling the fun is totally worth it and here are five reasons why.

1. You Are Less Likely To Play Hooky

Scheduling a gym session with a friend helps hold you accountable for getting your workout in. Meeting someone at the gym not only motivates you to show up, but to work hard as well.

2. Pushing Becomes Pleasant

Exercising with another person pushes you to do your workout and do it to the best of your ability. Another bonus – if you work out with a friend who is stronger or faster than you, you’ll be more likely to test your own limits.

3. Experimentation Becomes Easy

Hitting the gym with a friend is the perfect time to try a new exercise such as strength training or lifting heavier weights. When trying something new, your friend will provide a confidence boost and can also serve as a spotter if you need one.

4. Your Workouts Will Be Wonderfully Long

Time flies when you’re having fun. Having someone to chat with between sets let’s you focus on something other than just your workout making the time go by faster.

5. Recovery Roomies

There’s nothing worse than undoing all your hard work at the gym with unhealthy foods. A friend who’s worked up a sweat with you is likely to want to join you for a healthy post-exercise meal or snack.

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!

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