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Did you ever notice that when you workout, the only thing you can think of doing after is pigging out? Well you are not alone. This experience is actually common, even for professional FitGirls like myself. I have been nothing but straight “run-gry” this training season and had to recall on these strategies more than once lately. So, keep reading and learn how you too can stop pigging out after your workout.

Don’t Be A Fool, Refuel

The most common mistake exercisers make is waiting too long to eat after a workout, or even worse, working out on an empty stomach. Skipping food before hitting the gym can decrease your stamina and endurance and put you at a greater risk for injury. Aim for a 200 calorie mix of carbs and protein, like an apple and peanut butter pre-sweat sessions.

And, after you hit the gym do the same by eating within 30-45 minutes of finishing. Think carbs to refuel, protein to help repair muscle. 150-200 calories if your workout was under an hour and 200-250 calories if it was more than 90 minutes.

You Don’t Always Deserve A Cookie

Another common mistake is overindulging in the “reward mentality” department. Basically if you start each post workout meal with “Well, I DID workout today…” then chances are you may be undoing your hard sweaty work time and time again. Break this cycle by sticking to your normal sized portions and then after 10-15 minutes check back in to see if you really do want seconds.

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