“Jumping around” may be fun at a 1990’s throwback party, but when it comes to the workout action of your beloved twins?! Not so much. Did you know that your girls can bounce up to 21cm each workout?! Whoa right? Oh, and this my friend is not just an up and down action…there is a “side to side” shuffle taking place and an “in and out” doo wop going down too (imagine movement comparable to the butterfly). Add this to the fact that 80% of FitGirl’s today are sporting the wrong size sports bra, and we have a bonafide serious crisis on our hands ladies. But have no fear, your ultimate sports bra buying guide is here!

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Booby Bounce 101

So here’s the deal, our breasts are primarily made of soft tissue (not muscle)- therefore what’s holding them up (or down lol) is the surrounding skin and internal ligaments. Known as Cooper’s ligaments, this web of springy coils are designed to rebound and retract- that is until jumping, genetics, and gravity catch up with them. But don’t flip out. The right sports bra can cut this damaging movement nearly in half, and can help prevent permanent stretching/sagging. Hallelujah!

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