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Strawberry Letter: Loves The Crackhead’s Child And Not His Own

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am currently residing with a childhood friend, who also happens to be my daughter’s father. In the beginning of my pregnancy I never told him about it out of fear of my child being rejected. But when my daughter was 9, I did in fact tell him about her. He later moved away and we lost contact for 15 years, until we found each other on Facebook. We talked and he spoke to our daughter. Long story, he has a little boy in his life that is not his biological child. We now live together and it has been heck, I guess, for the both of us. One minute our daughter is his and the next minute he will say she is not. But this is the part that bothers me. He used to deal with this young lady, who was on crack and also was prostituting. She has a child and he accepts this child as his own, and is constantly saying our daughter is not his. We both spoke on DNA tests at one time, but that went away. I was told that since I don’t accept the little boy as his, then it won’t work between him and I. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the little boy, I have everything against how he is when it comes to his own flesh and blood. I am at my wit’s end from the same fear I had 26 years ago with our daughter: Her being rejected. Even when my daughter came with her two sons and we were teaching her oldest son to say grandpa, out loud we were told not to teach him that. Because that wasn’t his grandson. But yet, he knows for a fact that the little boy he is helping to raise is not his child. I often asked him was he still in love with the child’s mother, or was he in love with her John that helped to get her pregnant.

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:


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