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Strawberry Letter: Me, Him, His Best Friend And Baby

Dear Steve and Shirley,

My ex-boyfriend and I have been broken up for almost a year. Since we’ve been broken up, we’ve been seeing each other from time to time on a sexual level. We broke up because the things that he did that were unforgiving. However, I still had needs and I was comfortable with him but was not ready to have sex with anyone new. Yes, I know that’s wrong but I did it. As months went by his best friend began to reach out to me on Facebook. I took it as him being friendly or my ex just trying to be nosy by using him as bait. As the weeks went on he asked if we can go out and have a drink. I took him up on the offer because I was just curious of what he wanted with me. Was he really just trying to be a friend or was he just setting me up for my ex. Well, that night we got really drunk. He began telling me all the things that my ex had done to me and how he tried to explain to him that I was a good woman. I must admit that I was very emotionally vulnerable and I fell right into it. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex. I felt really bad because it was his best friend. He continually wanted to see me. I saw my ex one week and we had sex. I started distancing myself from my ex because of what I did. Seven weeks later, I found out I was pregnant! I told both men that I was pregnant and only told the best friend it may be Ex’s baby. He was upset and stop talking to me. Initially when I told my Ex he did not want anything to do with the baby or me anymore. I accepted that, but now he has come back around trying to make things right. I was OK with him not being around if he was the father and now he wants to be around. Should I tell him it’s a possibility the baby may be his best friends? It’s going to be me, him, his best friend and baby? I’m so lost.

Listen to Steve and Shirley respond to this letter below:


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