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Strawberry Letter: Sister-Wife

Dear Steve and Shirley,

I am currently in a relationship with someone I consider to be my soul mate. We met each other about 20 years  ago when I was in college. We became best friends and we spent all our free time together as just good friends. When I left college we stayed close for a while but loss contact for a few years.  When he came back into my life a year ago we both confessed our love for each other. He also made it clear that he had another woman and he wanted the both (not just one) of us. He wants us to eventually all live and work together as one family. For the other woman and I to be “sister-wives”. After much thought I agreed. He presented the idea to other woman without saying who, but she never fully agreed. So I am still being presented to her as a good friend. I currently live in a different state so I am not around as much. When I go to their state I stay at their house or we get a hotel when we want to be alone. I hate lying to her and I know she feels that there is something more between us. He encourages me to talk, spend time and be her friend. I have been waiting for him to tell her but he always say she is not ready.

Should I be patient and wait for him to tell her? Or should I take it upon my self and tell her? Leaving him is not an option!

Listen to Shirley and Steve respond to this letter below:


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