Parking farther away, taking the stairs, and doing leg stretches are just a few of the many things you can do to burn calories while you’re at work. If you work at a job where you’re sitting most of the day, it is especially important to get up and move because being too sedentary can […]

Just days after Angela took to Instagram to show the world her baby boy, she posted another photo of herself back in the gym.

When it comes to weight loss, the desire to reach a goal is the easy part, staying motivated? That’s a different story. If you find yourself getting discouraged, here’s a few tips to keep you focused on your fitness goals: Take it one step (or one rep) at a time: Don’t get too far ahead […]

Cross Fit is growing in its popularity and there are many fitness facilities that offer sessions in the Atlanta area. One of them is Total Fitness Revolution. I was able to do a session recently and really felt challenged. The great thing about Cross Fit is that it accommodates all fitness levels, so not matter […]

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It’s Fit!Live!Win! Monday and NewsOne Now brings you everything you need to help you get in shape and stay in shape. Fitness Expert David Girton,… You see people rolling on them in the stretching area. The first time you saw one, you thought it was a piece of leftover…

Over the past few years, kettlebells have taken the fitness industry by storm! Swingers all over the land are reaping the benefits of this multifunctional…