From reducing your sugar cravings to helping you feel more energized in the gym, check out THIS LIST of 7 ways sleep can help you lose weight.

Not only is sleep necessary to allow your body to heal and reset, getting “enough” sleep is key to have a successful weight loss journey. Read more about the benefits of a good night’s rest HERE.

From having a protein packed dinner to turning ALL the lights off, there are a variety of ways to lose weight while you catch some z’s. Click HERE to learn more ways to burn fat in your sleep!

From setting an alarm to GO to bed to logging off of social media, check out THIS LIST of ways to get a better night’s rest.

Losing weight definitely requires diet and exercise but getting a good night’s rest is also important for building a better body. From repairing your muscles to giving your body an overall “reset,” check out why sleep is important for weight loss HERE.

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Losing weight takes a lot of work. However, there are a few strategic things you can do to burn fat while you sleep! Yep, you read that correctly, you can actually lose weight while you rest. Here are a few easy things you can do to get started. Keep it cool. Now, I know its […]

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Not only is proper diet and exercise important for weight loss, so is SLEEP. If you’re up late at night, tossing and turning, it could have a negative impact on your fitness goals. Lack of sleep can trigger hunger hormones (even when you’re full), slow metabolism, and even INCREASE fat storage. Click HERE to read […]

cThe foundation of every action begins with a thought, therefore, having a strong mind is key to developing a strong body. Here are three tips to boost your mental health. Sleep well. Lack of sleep can cause stress and moodiness, adversely effecting your interactions with others and possibly trigger emotional eating. Most people need about […]

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Who would’ve thought that being still can actually HELP you lose weight? No, I don’t mean sitting on the sofa and being a couch potato, I’m talking about giving your body time to rest and recover from workouts. A proper night’s rest can also help prevent overeating throughout the day. According to Women’s Health, here […]