To reach a goal, you need a plan. This is especially true when it comes to fitness. Sometimes the most important part of setting a goal is identifying the things that are keeping you from accomplishing it. Check out these helpful tips and templates that can help you identify your goals, conquer bad habits, and […]

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out that sugar is a big culprit when it comes to weight gain. Going overboard with too many sweets can put you in a hole that will be difficult to dig out of. Now, there ARE natural forms of sugar that are okay to eat (and many of them are healthy for you, […]

It’s 2016 and one of the top new year’s resolutions for many of us is to get in shape. As you know, living a healthy lifestyle and trimming your waistline requires a good combination of proper nutrition and exercise. Dr. Oz, one of the world’s most trusted medical professionals recently revealed his “Day-Off Diet,” a […]

I use to think that all I had to do was work out to lose weight. HOWEVER, experience has taught me that losing weight begins with how you eat. For many, food cravings are the culprit when it comes to slimming down. But how you eat isn’t out of your control, there are simple things you can do […]