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Take a step towards fitness

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I use to think that all I had to do was work out to lose weight. HOWEVER, experience has taught me that losing weight begins with how you eat. For many, food cravings are the culprit when it comes to slimming down. But how you eat isn’t out of your control, there are simple things you can do to control the cravings. Here are a few from

1. Don’t go cold turkey. 

Some weight loss experts believe that such rigid thinking can make you crave the offending food more than ever. Says Edward Abramson, PhD, professor emeritus of psychology at California State University, Chico, and author of the bookBody Intelligence, “If someone told me that I could never eat another doughnut as long as I live, I would become so preoccupied with doughnuts that I’d probably gobble down a dozen by the end of the day. If I know I can have another doughnut sooner or later, I won’t feel so desperate. I can eat just one.”

2. Control your home environment. 

Just as someone with an alcohol problem shouldn’t buy a magnum of champagne, you shouldn’t overstock your kitchen, says Gold. “You have to assume that every food or drink you buy will end up in your mouth. You’ll see a TV commercial or some other trigger, and that food will end up in your mouth.” Exercise purchase and portion control.

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