Jumping Exercises

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Trying to determine if you are putting forth enough effort in the gym? Here are 3 ways to tell if you’re working out hard enough

  1. Talk test. If you struggle to get through a complete sentence, then the workout is probably causing you to breath heavy, which is often a result of aggressive exercise. Be careful though because shortness of breath is NOT a good thing. While pushing yourself can be productive, make sure you are listening to your body and staying safe.
  2. Struggle towards the end of a workout. If you are having a hard time banging out those last few reps, that is a good sign that you are pushing yourself. Conversely, if you are able to get through your whole workout with little to no struggle, then you should probably challenge yourself a bit more.
  3. Sound sleep: Getting some good zzzz’s is a great sign that you are working out hard enough. This has to do hormones and proteins released into your system during exercise that react to regulate sleep.

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