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Healthy salad made ​​with vegetables and chicken

Source: Shaiith / Getty

Whether out of stress or boredom, people are eating more now than ever. There’s no doubt that being under quarantine has A LOT to do with this. However, we shouldn’t use that as an excuse. Here are a few tips to help you stop overeating and get back on track!

  1. Remind yourself of the importance of a healthy diet. Eating the right foods not only helps you “look” good, it also provides your body with the nutrients to boost your immune system, which is particularly important right now.
  2. Don’t eat of the bag. Do your best to portion your snacks as soon as you come from the grocery store. This will help ensure you’re eating the appropriate portions.
  3. Allow yourself a treat meal. Yup, deprivation can lead to overindulgence. Instead of restricting yourself from EVERYTHING you love, have a strategic treat meal every week then get right back on track.