Whether out of stress or boredom, people are eating more now than ever. There’s no doubt that being under quarantine has A LOT to do with this. However, we shouldn’t use that as an excuse. Here are a few tips to help you stop overeating and get back on track! Remind yourself of the importance […]

From heartburn to a swollen stomach the adverse effects of overeating can cause a LOT of discomfort in addition to blocking your weight loss progress. Click HERE to read more about what happens to your body when you overeat.  

Although Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to celebrate with our loved ones and reflect on our blessings, it can be a holiday filled with anxiety if you’re on a fitness journey and don’t want to ruin your progress with a fat filled dinner. If you’re nervous about overeating during Thanksgiving, check out THESE […]

Today’s fit tip has less to do with working out and nutrition and more to do with being still. Yes! RESTING is just as important for weight loss as proper diet and exercise. As a matter of fact, recent studies have linked sleep deprivation to obesity. Lack of sleep also leads to increased levels of hunger […]