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So, you’ve been on your weight loss journey for a couple of days and you step on the scale in the morning, only to find out you’ve GAINED 3 pounds? Immediately you’re perplexed because you’ve been doing all the “right”things. Or have you?

Sometimes weight gain has nothing to do with “overeating” but more so water retention. Especially for women. Certain foods cause you to retain water weight more than others and can cause the scale to fluctuate upwards by as much as 5 pounds.

According to, avoiding the following foods should help you beat the bloat and rid yourself of extra water weight.

Salt (particular table salt). It contains 40 percent sodium and if you consume too much, your body dilutes it with water and retains this access fluid.

Processed foods. Most canned and frozen foods contain TONS of sodium, some have up to 50% of your daily recommended intake in ONE serving. Again, sodium leads to water retention, so instead of taking short cuts with frozen dinners, try to cook so that you can control the amount of seasoning in your meals.

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