2. Trigger It With Trigger Point Performance Therapy

Foam rolling used to be my sore muscle’s BFF, that was until I met Trigger Point Performance Therapy. Based on the discoveries of Dr. Janet Travell and Dr. David Simons–who found the causal relationship between chronic pain and its source–myofascial trigger point therapy is used to relieve muscular pain and dysfunction through applied pressure to trigger points of referred pain and through stretching exercises.

I recently had the privilege to try the Total Body Kit and was blown away with how much tension and tightness was released in just one session. As athletes, we ask a lot of our bodies. And while we expect 100 percent in return, optimal performance is often sacrificed due to injuries and imbalances. However, with this system you can tap into your full potential by literally unlocking your body. An unlocked body reacts as a unit and its muscle groups work together to move you forward faster and with less struggle. The easy to follow DVD and guide included seamlessly shows you how to prepare your tissue to tolerate the demands placed upon it, and when done regularly, can change your entire athletic game.

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