“Never ruin a good day by thinking about a bad yesterday.” – Anon Remember, worrying will not change the outcome. Instead, choose to be optimistic because what you focus on, grows.

“Worrying won’t change the outcome.” – Author Unknown Remember, what you focus on grows. Instead of dwelling on what could go wrong, focus on a POSITIVE outcome!

“What worries you, masters you.” – Author Unknown Remember, what you focus on, GROWS. This is why it is so important to feed your faith and starve your fears. Worrying about something won’t change the outcome. Instead of stressing over a situation, expect a positive a outcome!

“Worrying gives power to the things you fear.” – M.T.Collins Remember, what you focus on, grows and if you are constantly dwelling on the negative, you’ll eventually attract it into your life. Don’t waste energy worrying about things that haven’t happened. Instead, give your attention to a positive outcome.

“Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.” – Author Unknown Don’t waste time or energy stressing over something that hasn’t even happened. Instead, give it to go and focus on a positive outcome. Remember, what you focus on, grows. Do your best to keep your thoughts positive!

“Enjoy the moment before it becomes a memory.” – MT Collins Time is something that we can never get back, so instead of worrying about what “might be” focus on what IS. Remember, the present is the only guarantee to a brighter future.

“Worrying empowers the things you fear.” – Anon Remember, if you want to attract goodness into your life, you have to keep your mind focused on a positive outcome. Don’t stress yourself over things that you can’t change, instead, be optimistic, and have faith that a higher power is always working for you.

You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith. ~Mary Manin Morrissey Sometimes, we naturally “plan for the worst” because we’re too focused on past failures instead of the things we want. Remember, fear will always stand in the way of your success. Its like a wall between you […]