It is okay to take a break. If you are feeling burnt out, REST! Don’t pressure yourself to always push through when you are overwhelmed. Remember, also everything works again when you unplug, then reconnect, including you!

Not all storms are bad, some are designed to clear your path. Things work out as they should and a “no” is not the end all. Instead of feeling defeated, consider the new path or lesson being presented to you. It is possible that you are being led to a better outcome. Remember, not all […]

You will never know your limits unless you push yourself to them. We hear a lot of talk about comfort zones but how do you know you’re really challenging yourself? Well, the key is feeling UNcomfortable, but in a good way. This includes trying new things, taking action in spite of your fear, embracing the […]

“You only limit is you.” – Author Unknown Remember, accomplishing any goal begins with the belief that you CAN. At the root of achievement is CONFIDENCE. Be bold and pursue all of your dreams with confidence!

“The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your habits.” – Author Unknown Inspiration is wonderful, but only if it leads to action. Good habits are always more dependable than inspiration. Why? Because habit will sustain you even when you don’t “feel” like doing something. So, evaluate your goals and cling to […]

Believing with no evidence is what faith is all about. Faith also requires the will and action to move TOWARDS your goal even if it “seems” unattainable.” Let your faith be bigger than your fears and never stop believing in yourself. It will produce a reward bigger than you can imagine!

“When it rains, look for rainbows, when it is dark, look for stars.” – Author Unknown Your interpretation is often your reflection. Remember your perspective is everything. Even when times are bad, do your best to reflect on your blessings and see the good in every situation.

“In order to conquer, you must first endure.” – M.T.Collins Successful people continue to move forward, despite the resistance. They make mistakes but they also don’t give up. Remember, success has a lot to do with holding on, through every circumstances, even when times get tough.

“Where focus goes, energy flows.” – Tony Robbins Dwell on the things that make you feel good. Give your FULL attention to the outcome you want to attract. Magic happens when you feed your focus!

The best views come after the hardest climb. Obstacles don’t block the road, they ARE the road. Every struggle is designed to strengthen you.

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Anon Remember we all have a UNIQUE path to success. Your blessing may not be packaged like another person’s but that doesn’t mean your blessing isn’t coming. Instead of comparing, give your all to being the BEST version of you possible.

“Self trust is the first secret to success.” – Anon In order to convince others to believe in you, YOU have to believe in yourself. Don’t let doubt distract you from realizing your own greatness. Instead, TRUST in your ability to achieve anything you put your mind to!