Over 200 girls were kidnapped right out of the school in Chibok, a village in Nigeria over two months ago by Islamic militant group, Boko…

Source: WSVN.com Students from Miami Carol City High have walked out of class, into the street, to protest the shooting of Trayvon Martin. The students left the school, located at Northwest 34th Avenue and 187th Street, around noon, Thursday, during their lunch break. Dozens walked into the streets, among cars, stopping traffic. Some carried signs. […]

The AJC is reporting that the pastor of a small church in Spartanburg, South Carolina is planning a rally at the state Capitol in Atlanta at the end of the month to demand the resignation of Bishop Eddie Long.

More than 200 people gathered outside the Israeli Consulate in Atlanta on Tuesday, protesting Israel’s botched raid this weekend on an aid flotilla headed for Gaza.

Shakira will meet with the mayor of Phoenix later this week to help campaign against a new Arizona law cracking down on illegal immigration. The Colombian-born Grammy-winning singer-songwriter will speak with Mayor Phil Gordon, a strong critic of the new law, and other city officials on Thursday afternoon.

Several hundred students from nearly all of Georgia’s 35 public colleges united for a rally Monday morning to protest proposed budget cuts. At one point, the University System of Georgia was facing up to $600 million in cuts for the 2011 fiscal year.