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Violent protests at Georgia Tech after police killed student


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A Georgia Tech police car was set on fire as students protested the death of an 21-year-old Georgia Tech student who was shot and killed by a campus police officer Saturday night.  The students had gathered for a peaceful memorial for Scout Schultz but after that about 50 students marched to the Georgia Tech police department and things for out of hand an a police car was set on fire.  3 people were arrested and charged during the protest. In the death of Scout Schultz, police say officers were responding to a suspicious persons call when they found Scout Schultz he was with knife and would not obey to police officers command to drop it.  Schultz’s father questions the use of force, an attorney for the family said Schultz was only carrying a small utility knife.


Fulton County traffic ticket amnesty program

Police Officer Making Traffic Stop

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Drivers in Fulton County will have a chance to clear their records.  The county is kicking off a traffic ticket amnesty program and drivers can see fines cut down as much as 80%. This program continues until the end of the year.