“Great things are accomplished through patience.” – Anon Every seed needs time to grow. Don’t allow yourself to become so impatience that you rush into something before you’re ready. Remember, through patience, GREAT things are accomplished.

“Be patient, everything comes at the right moment.” – Anon Sometimes progress requires patience. So, instead of dwelling what the future holds, focus on doing the work to attract the result you want.

“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” – Author Unknown Remember, all things are difficult BEFORE they become easy. Practice patience, your effort will eventually release its reward!

“Rushing things can ruin things.” – Rob Hill, Sr. Remember, progress requires patience. Just because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean it will never happen. Don’t lose faith because things are moving as fast as you want them to. Instead, keep persevering! Your time WILL come when the moment is right…

“Don’t give up, great things take time.” – Anon It may be hard to wait for something you want, but it’s even harder to live with regret. Don’t give up!

“A moment of patience can prevent a lifetime of regret.” – Chinese Proverb A temporary moment of anger can potentially ruin everything you’ve worked hard far. If you find yourself in a situation where your emotions are out of control, take some time to pause and reflect BEFORE you respond. Remember, a moment of patience can […]

“Never give up, great things take time.” – Anon Remember progress requires patience. If things aren’t happening as fast as you’d like them to, don’t be hard on yourself. Instead, persevere and keep going!

“Be patient, good things take time.” – Anon If you rush, you might ruin a good thing. Progress requires patience. While you’re waiting, keep working and everything you want will come to you…

“Big journeys begin with small steps.” – Author Unknown Remember, rushing things can ruin things so be patience with yourself. Success rarely happens over night and you have to keep building, pushing and striving until you reach your goal. Big journeys begin with small steps. Be encouraged, everything you are doing now IS moving you […]

“Every obnoxious act is a cry for help” – Zig Ziglar Sometimes, people don’t know how to act when they are hurting inside, this is why you should always try to respond with love. If you’re not careful, your frustration can turn into hate when the person you’re mad at actually needs your love. Remember, […]

“Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you’re waiting.” – Joyce Meyer Progress requires action and although you may not have what you want right now, it is still important to work while you wait. Remember, what’s meant for you WILL be yours. It’s only a matter of time. So […]

Patience is the companion of wisdom. ~St. Augustine Sometimes progress requires patience.Remember, rushing can ruin a good thing. So instead of trying to force a situation, try practicing patience. Not only will it ease your anxiety, you’ll gain knowledge in the process.