Hey Ladies, Check out today’s Sunday Crush Groove Chadoy Leon! Chadoy is a man of many talents! He is a model, actor, dancer, photographer, and director… And looks good doing it all! Check out more photos of Sunday Crush Groove: Follow me on IG @IAMDEEDEEPARKER If You Know Someone Who Should Be Ms.Dee Dee Parker’s […]

Hey Ladies, Check out today’s Sunday Crush Groove Steven Beck! Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Steven is a fitness trainer, model, actor and singer. You can find Steven guest starring on the Oddly Oden web series on YouTube! Check out more photos of Sunday’s Crush Groove: https://www.instagram.com/p/BDD3yNDqEIw/?taken-by=thestevenbeck&hl=en Follow me on IG @IAMDEEDEEPARKER If You Know Someone Who […]

Today is National Drink Wine Day!    So get some of friends and family together and enjoy a glass or two of your favorite wine.  The purpose of National Drink Wine Day is to spread the love and health benefits of wine.  Wine has played an important role in history, religion and relationships.  We embrace […]

  Before you buy a Hoverboard, a self-balancing two-wheeled board or scooter make sure you are aware of the hazards.  A few incidents include: catching fire and most people are injured after falling off the scooters.         Watch the news reporters below and get informed:

Can you be fired for what you post on social media?  The answer is YES!  An Atlanta man named Gerod Roth, who is white posted a picture with his African-American co-worker 3 year old and on came the insults. Listen to FOX 5’s Marissa Mitchell give us the breakdown:        

“Your attitude will determine your outcome.” – M.Collins Remember, optimism attracts opportunities and to be successful, your thoughts need to be aligned with your desires. Always do your best to focus on the positive.

The 1990s is the decade that Atlanta defined itself as a hip-hop and black mecca, and a large part of that was due to the infamous street party known as Freaknik. Atlanta magazine’s current issue takes an in-depth look back at Freaknik and examines the weekend’s birth, decline and eventual death. RELATED: TRAILER: T-Pain’s “Freaknik: […]

T.I. is bringing movie lovers back to Atlanta to catch up with their favorite group of friends in “ATL 2”! We don’t know how Tip…

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Amidst rumors that a sequel to the 2006 hit film ATL was in the works, T.I. finally confirmed that there will be an ATL 2.…

If you missed VH1’s excellent documentary, ATL: The Untold Story of Atlanta’s Rise In The Rap Game, you can watch it right here! The documentary, which was executive produced by Ludacris, takes an in depth look into how ATL became such a major player in the rap game. The program includes interview with Ludacris, T.I., […]

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T.I. says he wants “ATL 2″ just as much as the fans do! In a recent interview at the Radio One and Frequency News urban artist…

Kanye West and his new chick Kim Kardashian could be calling Atlanta home soon, according to a report in Hollywood Life. The source says that Kanye is secretly looking for a property in Buckhead, although the source incorrectly states that West is from Atlanta. Kanye was born in Atlanta but left at age 3 and […]