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Jose Cuervo is bringing the Cuervo Agave Bar to the city of San Diego this weekend and fans can RSVP for the agave-fueled experience.

Rémy Martin has launched its Que Viva Rémy Sobremesa in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept-15-Oct-15).

Reportedly originating in Italy back in 1919, this classic drink serves as an introduction to aperitivo cocktails and a baseline for other bar standards.

On April 29, bring your own cups to fill with any Slurpee flavor for just $1.99 at 7-Eleven. What’s the catch? The cup has to fit under the drink dispenser.

We’re all feeling the effects of inflation; here are some tips to feed your family without breaking the bank: Eliminate drinks that do not add nutritional value. It may seem as though that 6 pack of soda that you’re purchasing on sale is a great deal but those little things add up; not to mention the […]

Is it possible for Krispy Kreme donuts to get any better?

There are many reasons why we should buy black.  In supporting black owned businesses we support small business owners who believe in their dreams and are doing their best to keep their dreams alive with our continued support.  Day and night.  I had the opportunity to meet Mike CEO of Krackin’ Krabz when he brought […]

Guess what’s for dinner tonight.   Lasagna!!!!  Today is National Lasagna Day.  Share your favorite lasagna recipe on social media and #majicatl so that we can see if you can make the MAJIC happen in the kitchen and qualify for a $25 cash app.   Recipe for Veggie Lasagna: from Vegetarian Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna […]