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We’re all feeling the effects of inflation; here are some tips to feed your family without breaking the bank:

  • Eliminate drinks that do not add nutritional value. It may seem as though that 6 pack of soda that you’re purchasing on sale is a great deal but those little things add up; not to mention the empty calories and artificial ingredients that are often included in some sodas and other types of flavored drinks.
  • Choose frozen or canned fruits and vegetables. Fresh produce spoils faster, therefore wasting money. If the sodium level of canned items is a worry for you, you can soak and rinse your veggies to get rid of some of the sodium.
  • Say NO to snacks. Okay, maybe saying “no” is unrealistic but decreasing your snacks is definitely an option. Also check for less expensive ways to have that dessert option. Sometimes making the cookies yourself is cheaper than relying on the prepackaged option.
  • Stretch your meat. No, really! Adding beans, mushrooms, and even some nuts to ground meat can help it stretch a little further.
  • Make the most of your money. Plan your meals in advance to avoid the impulse buy at the store. Also consider shopping at value stores like The Dollar Store, ALDI, and LIDL.
  • COUPON Store the items your family uses often