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Krackin' Krabz

Source: TQ The Queen / TQ

There are many reasons why we should buy black.  In supporting black owned businesses we support small business owners who believe in their dreams and are doing their best to keep their

dreams alive with our continued support.  Day and night.  I had the opportunity to meet Mike CEO of Krackin’ Krabz when he brought my colleagues and I  some food to enjoy.

In this edition of  TQ Review of Krackin’ Krabz:

Krackin’ Krabz   wins    5   crowns :  that means it was Krackinnnnnnn’


I give Krackin’ Krabz 5 crowns because of that special sauce that was drizzled over the crab legs and shrimps.  I am sure the name of it is Krackin’ Sauce because it was scrumptious.  I was a

marriage made in heaven.  Trust me you’re going to need a wet nap.   Enjoy!




Find @krackinkrabz on IG for your tasting pleasure!