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The video of the officer involved shooting of Deaundre Philips will be released

Thai police crime scene investigators search near the clock...

Source: Stephen J. Boitano / Getty

Police will soon release the video of the fatal officer shooting of Deaundre Philips outside the police annex on Donald Lee Hallowell.  Chief Erika Shields has also identified the officer who fired the fatal shot as officer Yasin Adbulahad, according to police reports Philips went to the station with a fried to get documents last month.  Two plain clothes officers smelled marijuana coming from his car and approached him then Philips tried to drive away with an officer hanging out and that is when he was shot.  The video will be released Feb. 24 after all witness statements are taken.


Today is a day without immigrants 

Supreme Court Rules On Major Cases

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Today is a day without immigrants, all foreign born people are urged to stay home and stay off work today as a major protest by immigrants in major cities across the country, in response to President Donald J. Trump’s executive order to crack down on illegal immigration.


Georgia Senate votes to ban “upskirting”

Georgia state capital

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Georgia senate votes to ban “upskirting”.

Upskirting is taking a secret picture or video under a person’s clothes.

Those convicted could get up to 5 years in prison and a $100,000 fine.  The house is now considering the bill.