The COVID-19 crisis has affected us in ways that we never thought imagined. We’ve learned what exactly an “essential business” is defined as, but we’ve not had to worry about reduction in public transportation in metro Atlanta with MARTA. That changed today. According to MARTA, effective Monday, April 20, it is suspending all but 41 […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has officially closed schools for the remainder for year in the state of Georgia per Gov. Kemp’s order on April 1st. The City Of Atlanta understands that there are students that are going to be home that may not have access to meals throughout the day and have stepped up through their […]

Protest and rallies around the US have been held but have given little to no peace for those the travel ban will have direct impact on. By now you have heard Trump’s administrations plans as at it has been the topic of discussion everyday since he made the announcement. But have you thought about how […]

Separating your business and personal life can be a hassle at times especially when employers keep a watchful eye on your social media accounts. Well this could all be a thing of the past very soon in Georgia. Georgia lawmakers are looking into a bill that could protect social media accounts from employer access. Representative […]

Imagine your child going off to college toting a gun… well this could soon be a reality for Georgia students. What’s been a debate for some time and even vetoed by the governor last year is back on the table being consider yet again. Bill writer representative Mandi L Ballinger says it’s for safety and students […]

Atlanta city workers are afraid for their jobs and staying silent in on going bribery investigation. If you have not kept up with the case folks are in hot water in what seems to be a cash for contracts scandal. This past week another contractor plead guilty in bribery probe and officials believe more will […]

The video of the officer involved shooting of Deaundre Philips will be released Police will soon release the video of the fatal officer shooting of Deaundre Philips outside the police annex on Donald Lee Hallowell.  Chief Erika Shields has also identified the officer who fired the fatal shot as officer Yasin Adbulahad, according to police […]