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Music industry mogul, professor and author Mathew Knowles shares with Maria More his Father’s Day plans and a very special moment when Beyonce had him crying like a baby in the video above.

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He makes a request to play Beyonce’s song “Daddy” and how it made him emotionally proud:
“I cried like a baby, I was just talking about it on another interview, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers.”

He also shares how proud he is about Solange being the artistic Creative & Art Consultant of Puma’s female division:
“I’m proud on this Father’s Day that I helped to develop my kids to be entrepreneurs, they don’t need me to be their manager, because they have the skills to be managers and executives to run their own companies. They need me to be their dad…that whole firing thing wasn’t even accurate.”

Mathew also shares his feelings about Jay Z.

“I don’t talk to Jay Z, we don’t see each other…when we see each other, we have respect for each other…he is the father of my grandchild and my daughter loves him so I don’t have that kind of relationship…and if you listen to the song “Daddy”, she said she wanted to marry someone like her daddy and I think Jay-Z is a very very smart businessman…”

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Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Mathew is coming soon!

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