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With Beyoncé’s new album Lemonade being dubbed a “Black feminist masterpiece” that empowers Black women about self-love, vulnerability and recognizing their worth. Most important it talks about infidelity, threatening to leave and reminding your dude that he’s not the special one, you are.

Now of course this kind of #BlackGirlMagic, especially with a baseball bat with the words” hot sauce” on it, is going to get a reaction from men. Thankfully, there are a lot showing love for it:


(Interesting…given that Tyrese recently said he doesn’t like loud and aggressive women and everything Bey was giving us was exactly that. Guess she gets a pass in his book.)

He also had this to say:

And some of the fellas showed their sense of humor with the jokes:


And sadly, some of the responses were down-right sexist, anti-Black women and cruel:


Thankfully, this guy called out the haters beautifully:

What do the men in your lives think about Lemonade?


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