50 Cent is weighing in on who has had the bigger impact on Hip Hop debate: Jay-Z or Eminem.

Twitter has given Kanye West the boot again!

As of 9:51 PM on the Mayor’s social media account, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has stayed that she will put the city of Atlanta on a Stay-At-Home order for the next two weeks to combat the spread of the coronavirus. See the Mayor’s tweet below: Thank you @BrianKempGA for the updated state guidelines. Based upon […]

#Blacklivesmatter is a household name, like McDonald’s, like Apple, like Nike. by: @blogzworth You send a tweet. It gets retweeted, creates a 100 impressions. As small as that seems, it’s pretty impactful. Think about it. Something you created was shared and it crossed 100 sets of eyes. It reaches twice as many people as you […]

The actor wasn't the only one who took to Twitter to show their disgust for the new HUD secretary calling African slaves "immigrants."

According to the Oscar nominee, his friend witnessed Trump use the "N-word" to ask about a sexual encounter with a Black woman.


The photo of Kellyanne Conway sitting with her feet on the oval office couch dominated the conversation on social media.

Plus, Indiana teen charged for the murder of her mother and white British writer slams "Moonlight," Twitter eviscerates her.

The agency took to Twitter in an attempt to highlight African-American icon W.E.B Du Bois and misspelled his last name.

Americans can't get enough of using President Donald Trump's favorite form of communication – Twitter – against him.