@LA_Reid On Beyonce’s Controversial Message In “Formation”, Explains Why He Supports Hillary Clinton [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]


Music mogul and author LA Reid stopped by to talk about his new book, “Sing To Me” and reflects on having an extremely successful career for over 30 years.

We talked various topics from the evolution of music, his favorite artists, and he even shares his political views on this year’s election.

We also talked about artists sharing messages through their songs and when asked about Beyonce‘s controversial message in “Formation”, Reid says he doesn’t mind artists getting creative to share a message as long as it’s “really good”.

I won’t say that I am the worlds greatest advocate for social injustices in music, I think of it as, if you can get your message across and the song is still great, I’m into it…The really clever ones know how to deliver the message in such a way that the song is still a hit, and you’re still having a good time and you’re getting the message at the same time…Don’t preach to me, sing to me.”

Reid also chimed in on why he’s supporting Hillary Clinton:

I’ve always been a supporter quietly, and I’m behind Hillary Clinton…it’s time…I think that this particular line up of candidates are just bringing out the absolute worst in people. I won’t elaborate on that but let’s just say if it were up to me, we would cast our vote for Hillary Clinton.

There are so many jewels in this interview, make sure you watch it all the way through and don’t forget to like and share!

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