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Mike Jones

Mike Jones

The movement started on Tumblr and ended up being the talk on Twitter and in the media: #BlackOutDay. Many online wondered, what exactly is it?  Was it a boycott against a show, network, or retail store? On Friday, it was all about celebrating the beauty of Blacks and combating the stereotypes displayed in the media. Created by Tumblr user, T’von who goes under the name Y.R.N. on the microblogging site, the 24-hour movement was created to observe the beauty inside and out of being Blacks with photographs and videos via blogging.  On #BlackOutDay’s official page, T’von revealed what inspired him to come up with the campaign. T’von explained:

I got inspired to propose Blackout day after thinking “Damn, I’m not seeing enough Black people on my dash”. Of course I see a constant amount of Black celebrities but what about the regular people? Where is their shine? When I proposed it, I thought people would think it was a good idea, but not actually go through with implementing it. Luckily people wanted to get behind the idea, and @recklessthottie created the #Blackout tag. I thought about the tag #Black Friday, and making it a tradition on the first Friday of every month, because celebrating the beauty of Blackness is of the UTMOST importance. I’m really sick and tired of seeing the “European standard of beauty” prevail. It’s past time for the beauty of Black people to be showcased. I love all people of color, but this here is for us.

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All day Black users on Twitter posted pictures how fabulous it is to be Black and debunking negative portrayal. Take a look at some of the pictures and tweets below.


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