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Age ain’t nothing but a number, however when it comes to your personal fitness and being a healthy RAD chick, your date of birth can play a larger role than you think. Every decade has it’s own decadent needs, so keep reading to find out what you should or shouldn’t be indulging it at your current FitGirl age.

In Your 20’s

The Pros: Ah to be forever young! Your body is definitely surging with everything you need to be in the best shape ever. For instance, the hormone that aids in muscle building (testosterone) is plentiful in this decade and thanks to your stored mitochondria you are able to bounce back quick after both injury and tough sweat sessions.

The Cons: So here’s the challenge- since you are most likely at the entry level of finally flying solo, lots of takeout, social events galore and weekend drinking binges can easily rule your nights and therefore diet.

The Game Plan: Don’t let today’s revved-up metabolism develop bad habits. Recognize your ability to splurge a bit more than others while still inviting some good habits to the party too. The more you make fitness and health a priority now, the stronger your future decade’s foundation will be.

1) Be a cross-training queen by trying a variety of workouts

2) Ditch diets and don’t dip too low. Your weight is only a teensy part of who you are, so don’t stress so much about this number.

3) Catch those zzz’s. Yeah you may be able to pull an all-nighter more than most, but skimping on sleep now is so not worth the problems this bad habit will cause later.

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