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On the season finale of  “Braxton Family Values” last night, the girls planned Tamar’s “Tamar Shower” which was basically a party all about Tamar (what else is new?). During the party, some secrets were revealed that upset the girls but also brought them closer together. Mommy was having a great time with her new boo, Darryl and she was ready to introduce him to her biggest protectors – her daughters. Meanwhile, Traci was dealing with problems in her marriage that she feared would tear her and her husband apart! Check out the recap below.

Mommy’s New Boo

After Mommy’s successful date with Darryl on last week’s episode, she decided that she wanted to continue seeing him. For their second date, they decided to go golfing and Mommy didn’t hesitate to let Darryl “teach” her how to play the game. It was both hilarious and embarrassing watching Mommy and Darryl get flirty on the golf course especially when she let him show her how to swing the golf clubs while holding her waist! Get it Mommy! Things got even more heated when they asked, “do I hit it from the back?” Yikes! Looks like Tamar was right when she said, “moms need to get their back cracked, too!”

Later in the episode, the girls got the chance to meet Darryl for the first time. Of course, the ladies had a million questions to ask of their mom’s new man including his credit score!

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