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Has Traci’s Husband Been Cheating?

Things with Traci were a little weird lately. She wasn’t her usual loud and crazy self and she even got upset with Mommy during the meeting with Darryl and stormed off during their big argument. The sisters were worried about Traci and they soon learned why she was so troubled lately. Allegedly, Traci’s husband had been cheating on her and may have had a secret son as a result of his infidelity! Rumor had it that there was a five year old walking around Traci’s husband, “daddy”! It was bad enough that he was being accused of cheating, but having another child!? Yikes! The sisters decided to hire a private investigator to look into Traci’s marriage and see if her husband was really cheating on her. All of the sisters agreed that it would be a good idea except for Trina. If anyone knew about having a husband cheating on her, it was her and she definitely knew that getting involved in her sister’s marriage would only make things worse. I guess Trina wasn’t the only sister with marriage problems.

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